Stockmoney Lizards Newsletter - Issue #7

Stockmoney Lizards Newsletter - Issue #7
Bitcoin on the run - lifetime support is hit and reversal is indicated by RSI Heatmap!

Dear fellow stockmoney hunters and crypto lovers!

A great and interesting week lies behind us and an even more interesting one ahead of us. ₿itcoin was able to consolidate its new levels around 46k and even dared a breakout attempt - which was however stopped at the SMA 200 before the price was brought back to the new support zone to 45.5k.

Things looked even more positive for the altcoins - after a ~33% run, there was initially a stabilization and a bounce off the EMA 200 as an important resistance. Here, however, the current levels are held just like ₿itcoin did! We are also very bullish here. Which coins performed particularly well here and are still ultra hot, we tell you in the Altcoin part of this newsletter.

Our third big coverage part is Biotech. This was the big problem child in 2021, but also here some stabilization tendencies could be seen in the last week. The current chart points to some bullish times and makes us believe that a massive trend reversal is imminent.

Our sample portfolio is currently gaining speed! +7.3% since February and is currently outperforming $DJI and $SPY! And many of our positions are just warming up. We have added another position last week.

Enjoy reading & stay tuned


Stockmoney Lizards

Figure 1: Stockmoney Lizards Sample Portfolio outperforming S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average - Established 24 Feb 2022